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PCs Set to Win Whitby-Oshawa

February 10th 2016 (Toronto, ON) – A new Mainstreet/Postmedia poll finds PC candidate Lorne Coe leading in the race to replace former MPP Christine Elliott in Whitby-Oshawa. The Mainstreet/Postmedia Poll has a margin of error of +/- 4.34%, 19 times out of 20.

“We’ve seen a steep drop in the number of undecided voters and PC candidate Lorne Coe now has a comfortable lead” said Quito Maggi, President of Mainstreet Research.

Among all voters the PCs lead by 15%, with 40% (+7%) compared to the Liberals 25% (-2%). The NDP are at 10% (+1%) and the Greens are at 6% (+4%).

When factoring in undecided voters leaning towards a certain party the PCs hold a commanding 17 point lead (46% to 29%).

“We expect the Liberals and NDP will outperform their polling numbers” continued Maggi. “By elections are notoriously hard to predict, but with limited infrastructure we usually see the Green Party and Independent candidates perform below their polling numbers. The get out the vote (GOTV) operations of the three main parties are likely to be formidable on Election Day. As a result we expect the margin of victory to be less than 17%, but we are predicting a PC victory in Whitby-Oshawa come Thursday night,” he finished.

About Mainstreet Research
Mainstreet is a national public research firm. With 20 years of political experience at all three levels of government, President and CEO Quito Maggi is a respected commentator on Canadian public affairs.

Differentiated by its large sample sizes, Mainstreet Research has provided accurate snapshots of public opinion, having predicted a majority NDP government in Alberta, a majority Liberal government in British Columbia and a majority Liberal government in Ontario. Mainstreet has been the most accurate polling firm in several by elections and the most recent Toronto mayoral election. Most recently, Mainstreet was the only polling firm to correctly predict a Liberal majority government in the 2015 federal election.


Mainstreet – Whitby-Oshawa Feb 10