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PCs Dominating in Manitoba

January 27, 2016 (Toronto, ON) – A new Mainstreet/Postmedia poll finds the PC Party continuing to lead in Manitoba with the Liberals and NDP tied for second. The Mainstreet/Postmedia Poll has a margin of error of +/- 2.43%, 19 times out of 20.

“The PCs are continuing to dominate throughout the province” said Quito Maggi, President of Mainstreet Research. “They now have almost twice the support of either the Liberals or NDP in Winnipeg, while they hold an even larger lead in the rest of the province.”

Among Decided and Leaning Voters: PCs 52% (+8%), NDP 20% (-3%), Liberals 20% (-7%), Greens 9% (+3%)

“Most PC voters (76%) have decided they’ve made up their mind,” continued Maggi. “Those numbers drop for the NDP (64%) and Liberals (55%) so there is potential for movement. With both parties in second place the race to be the PC alternative may be the most crucial.”

“In the race to be the PC alternative both the NDP and Liberals face challenges. For the NDP, it is Greg Selinger’s high disapproval rating: 60% of Manitobans disapprove of the job he’s doing. For the Liberals, it is Rana Bokhari’s visibility: 41% don’t know what to make of her yet. Interestingly while her support in Winnipeg is higher, the support she has in the rest of the province is actually stronger. Support for Mr. Palister meanwhile is solid throughout the province.

“These kinds of results this far out make it Brian Palister’s race to lose. With over half the province indicating they will vote PC and 2/3 of those voters saying they have made up their mind it will take a lot to displace him at the top of the polls. The more interesting race right now is who the non-PC alternative will be – if there isn’t one it could be a landslide win for the PCs. If the Liberals and NDP spit the non-PC vote it could lead to a lot of surprise PC wins on election night,” finished Maggi.

About Mainstreet Research
Mainstreet is a national public research firm. With 20 years of political experience at all three levels of government, President and CEO Quito Maggi is a respected commentator on Canadian public affairs.

Differentiated by its large sample sizes, Mainstreet Research has provided accurate snapshots of public opinion, having predicted a majority NDP government in Alberta, a majority Liberal government in British Columbia and a majority Liberal government in Ontario. Mainstreet has been the most accurate polling firm in several by elections and the most recent Toronto mayoral election. Most recently, Mainstreet was the only polling firm to correctly predict a Liberal majority government in the 2015 federal election.


Mainstreet – Manitoba January 27, 2016