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Ford PCs With A 21 Point Lead Over Wynne Liberals

20 MARCH 2018 (TORONTO, ON) – The Progressive Conservatives would win a massive majority with new leader Doug Ford at the helm if an election were held today, a new Mainstreet Research poll finds.

The poll finds that the PCs have 47% support among decided and leaning voters. The governing Liberals under Kathleen Wynne are at 26.2%. The NDP led by Andrea Horwath have 18.6% support among Ontario voters, while the Greens currently are at 6.4%.

“While we fielded this survey before yesterday’s Throne Speech, the PCs are in pole position to get an overwhelming win in June”, said Quito Maggi, President and CEO of Mainstreet Research. “This is thanks to the PCs’ large lead in nearly every region in Ontario.”

The Ford Progressive Conservatives have over 50% support in Eastern Ontario, South Central Ontario, and South Western Ontario. They are at 49.3% in the Greater Toronto Area, and at 41.8% in Northern Ontario. They find themselves at 37.5% and two-and-a-half points ahead of the Liberals in Toronto – a traditional Liberal fortress.

“Campaigns have blown large point leads in the past and it can happen again to the PCs,” added Maggi. “But if the election were held today, we would run out of shades of blue when painting the electoral map of Ontario.”

The poll is not all good news for Doug Ford. Only Kathleen Wynne has a lower net favourability rating than the new PC leader. The Premier has a -40.1% net favourability rating, while Ford has a -11.1% rating. Only NDP leader Andrea Horwath has a positive rating (5.2%).

The poll also shows that a 54.4% of Ontarians support Horwath’s plan to create a universal pharmacare program. 19.7% support the current plan that pays for all prescription drugs for Ontarians under the age of 25, while 12.6% say that they don’t want to see the government pay for any pharmacare at all.

“A lot can and will change when the campaign actually starts, but the Wynne Liberals find themselves far behind the Ford PCs with less than eighty days before the election”, Maggi continued. “It might be a bridge too far for the Liberals to overcome.”

The poll surveyed 2003 Ontarians aged 18 and over between March 17th and March 18th. The poll has a margin of error of +/- 2.19% and is accurate 19 times out of 20.


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