Welcome to Mainstreet Research and thank you for visiting our website.

The Mainstreet name originates from a saying I have used for many years, I cannot say whether I came up with it or if someone else said it before me. The saying is as follows: “The votes are on Main Street, not on Bay Street”. Public opinion is not determined on Wall street or Bay street. Money is a necessary part of politics and public administration, and it can pay for many persuasive things, but it cannot buy public sentiment.

Mainstreet Research began as a technology company, finding technological solutions and providing data and data integration to political candidates and parties across Canada for over a decade. As we grew and evolved with emerging technologies like VOIP, SMS and GIS, we began to see that our big data approach to sampling resulted in superior results than to those of 20th century pollsters. After a number of years of extensive testing and the addition of various resources to our team, we began releasing polls for public consumption and scrutiny. Our success in correctly predicting voter behaviour across Canada at all levels of politics is a record we are proud to stand on.

Mainstreet Research continues to strive for excellence in the world of public opinion research. Our new technologies, including Smart IVR, Chimera IVR and our mobile application, CampaignR, continue to lead while others wring their hands about decreased response rates and stampede to embrace online panel, non probability sampling (or pseudo probability sampling) that has led to a series of catastrophic polling failures in Canada and Europe.

When you work with Mainstreet, here is what you can expect;

We believe in probability sampling.

We believe in large sample sizes.

We believe in eliminating/mitigating bias in every possible way.

We believe in disclosure of scripting, and including undecided responses.

As we continue to expand across Canada and the US in 2016, and Europe and South America in 2017, my commitment to our clients and the public remains the same as it did when we began releasing polls just a few years ago. Our management and staff will work with you to get it right, and you will receive the data and insights you need to know – not the data you want to hear.

The votes you need to win, the public sentiment you need to govern effectively, the information your organization or company need to make decisions, is on Mainstreet. It’s not just where we live, it’s where we work.

– QM