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Albertans Back Royalty Review

May 27th, 2015. A new Mainstreet Technologies poll  finds 51% opposed to a carbon tax while 65% back a royalty review. The poll carries an overall margin of error of +/- 1.78%, 19/20. It is the first monthly Alberta Issues poll since Mainstreet’s extensive coverage of the 2015 Alberta Election.

“The trend in Alberta continues to show that a majority are much more optimistic about their own finances than that of the province as a whole, this was the case prior to Budget 2015 and Election 2015. Overall optimism in both personal finances and provincial finances has increased since the election of Premier Notley,” said Quito Maggi, president of Mainstreet Technologies.

“A majority of Albertans support a royalty review and think Alberta should increase royalties. This is good news for the Notley government but not good news for the oil and gas industry. With oil prices remaining below $60 per barrel, new investments in the Alberta oil patch may be risky in the short term until the new royalty is determined. In the long term, it’s unlikely this will affect the industry.”

“Approval for Premier Notley is very high; over 6 in 10 people indicated they approve of the new Premier, with almost 4 in 10 indicating “strong approval”. This is a very strong number for a Premier who was recently elected by 41% of the popular vote.”

“A carbon tax continues to be widely unpopular across Alberta despite its potential for helping to fill the deficit gap left by plummeting oil prices in late 2014,” he finished.

– 62% approve of Premier Notley, approval jumps to 75% in Edmonton
– 43% oppose a PC-Wildrose Merger; 34% oppose a Liberal-Alberta merger
– 65% support a royalty review, 46% say rates should go up
– 51% oppose a carbon tax, 42% support it


Mainstreet Technologies – Alberta Issues May


Ontarians Grade Public Education System a 'B'

May 27th, 2015. A new Mainstreet Technologies poll finds support for back to work legislation – though Ontarians side with teachers over the provincial government. When Ontarians were asked to grade Ontario’s education system most awarded a ‘B’. The poll carries a margin of error of +/- 1.94%, 19/20.

“A majority of Ontarians support the back to work legislation being debated in the legislature but that support is lower in the three areas affected by current strikes,” said Quito Maggi, president of Mainstreet Technologies. “Though the strikes have now been ruled illegal, there are far ranging consequences for the upcoming school year if a new contract can’t be signed over the summer.”

“There is good news for both sides from our findings. The good news for the government is that a majority of Ontarians support back to work legislation and think teachers are compensated fairly. The good news for teachers is that a majority support the union in the dispute, especially in the areas most affected by the strikes. Ontarians are also opposed to lifting the cap on class sizes.”

“Most Ontarians are content with the public education system, awarding a ‘B’ grade – though one in four Ontarians grade the system a ‘C’. Ontarians are sending the message there is room for improvement,” he finished.

– 56% approve of back to work legislation; 53% oppose lifting caps on class sizes
– Most Ontarians, 51%, side with teachers in the ongoing labour dispute
– In areas affected by the strike (905 and North) support for teachers is higher (66%)
– Ontarians grade the public education system a ‘B’ at 38% with ‘C’ at 25%
– 51% say teachers are being paid the right amount


Mainstreet Technologies – Ontario Issues May


Strong Support For Voting Reforms

May 6th, 2015. A new Mainstreet Technologies poll finds strong support among Torontonians for shorter municipal campaign periods & allowing permanent resident to vote. With 2,493 respondents the poll has a margin of error of +/- 1.96%, 19/20.

Meanwhile, John Tory’s approval rating is holding steady at 61%. That’s a one point drop from Mainstreet’s March poll – within the margin of error.

“Only 10% of Torontonians think there are too few members of City Council while 48% believe there are too many and 41% believe there are just enough,” said Quito Maggi, President of Mainstreet Technologies. “Toronto does not want to see the size of city council grow though this may be the result of the Ward boundaries process.”

Mainstreet also asked Torontonians about internet voting. 50% believe it would be secure while 55% would support the move to implement it.

“There is strong support for extending voting rights in Toronto elections to permanent residents and support for implementing Internet voting in elections but Toronto’s favourite reform is shorter campaigns even when we point out that may favour incumbents,” finished Maggi.

– 55% of Torontonians approve of Internet voting and only 50% think it will be secure.
– 56% approve of ranked- ballot voting, 34% disapprove.
– 67% approve of shorter municipal campaigns even though it may help incumbent
– 58% are in favour of the extension of voting rights in municipal elections to permanent residents.
– 48% think that there are too many members of City Council, 41% think there are just enough.


Toronto Issues April 2015


New Government 'Inevitable'

May 1st, 2015. Mainstreet Technologies’ final election poll of 3,143 Albertans finds the NDP leading in every region of the province with the PCs in a clear third. The poll carries a margin of error of +/- 1.85%, 19/20.

“To understand where we are at this stage in the election and context for these numbers, we have to look back at where we started. The unpopularity of the budget cannot be overstated, all the taxes that polls suggested were the least popular, except for the PST were brought in. Followed by an early election call which was equally unpopular. Followed by not a single good news announcement. The plan to campaign on a budget that an overwhelming majority of the population disliked at a time that an overwhelming majority of the population did not want, has been a disaster for Jim Prentice.” said Quito Maggi, president of Mainstreet Technologies.

“The dynasty in Alberta will come to an end on Tuesday with the election of an NDP government, what seemed like the unlikeliest outcome, is now the only possible outcome. We know from our previous polling that over 75% of Albertans wanted a change in government and they will get it. Few Albertans believed there was a viable alternative to the PCs as a government. While Brian Jean did his very best to prove most Albertans right during the leaders debate, Rachel Notley demonstrated that she was that viable alternative.”

“The one factor that we had been seeing in our polling has led to the NDP surge in Calgary and across the rest of Alberta. Wildrose voters had an overwhelming predisposition to vote NDP as their second choice despite the apparent ideological divide. That “anything but PC effect” will be felt across Alberta on election day.”

– 73% of decided voters in Edmonton will vote NDP
– 35% of decided voters in Calgary back the NDP, followed by Wildrose at 26%, PCs at 24%
– Outside Edmonton and Calgary the NDP lead 39% to 33% over Wildrose, with PCs at 22%
– 47% of Liberal voters will back the NDP if there is no Liberal candidate in their district
– 39% of Alberta Party voters will back the NDP if there is no Alberta Party candidate in their district
– 32% of Albertans believe the PC Party will win the election, 29% the NDP


Download: Mainstreet – Final Alberta Election Report

Mainstreet – Final Alberta Election Report